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How many ways to enjoy the Rose?

Adore its beautiful colours,

its intoxicating scents

and love its delicious tastes too.



Ecuador's climate and geological conditions are perfect for growing cocoa. The soils are rich in nutrients and due to Ecuador's advantageous position on the equator, there is sunlight all year long, enabling the Cacao beans to develop a rich flavour and aroma. The Cacao beans have floral characteristics and fruity undertones with a hint of delicate spices, which work exceptionally well with the natural essences of the Rose.

Two of the most beautiful things in nature come together to make the most delicious chocolates.


As the dark chocolate melts in your mouth, notice first the richness and depth of the cocoa and then sense the delicate taste of rose emerge.

Organic Persian Rose oil is as precious as Gold, it takes 4 tons of rose petals to produce 1kg of Rose oil. To capture its scent is every perfumers dream. To capture its scent in chocolate is my desire.

Hand made Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate With Organic Rose
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