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Flowers & Thorn

L o v e r s   o f   t h e   g e n u i n e   E n g l i s h   R o s e

exquisite english

handmade chocolates

fine teas

& preserves

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Dark Chocolate
Fine Tea
Rose Petal Jam

Free Delivery On Orders over £20



Such a joy to unwrap this beautiful chocolate, it's a perfect combination of delicate and aromatic roses cast in melt in the mouth chocolate. Definitely the perfect gift.

I started in Bristol in 2014 exploring and enjoying again my childhood love of roses. Using my passion I combine roses with some of my favourite things, chocolate, tea and gorgeous English summer fruits.
Ecuador with its equatorial climate and fertile soils produces some of the finest cocoa beans in the world. I use Ecuadorian beans only and so describe my chocolate as 'Single Origin' and combine it with  the finest organic Persian Rose Oil which is literally worth its weight in Gold.
I blend aromatic teas with organic English roses, and adore the delicate scents. 
Delectable English strawberries and raspberries which I love are blended with highly fragrant rose petals in my preserves.
Walking through Roses
Designing Chocolate Box

  Always start with the Inspiration  

How it began ...
My childhood love affair with the rose blossomed in later life when I was lucky enough to travel the world. It struck me that my dear friend the rose appeared so useful and constant everywhere. Previously I had only admired its gorgeous blooms but on my travels I found I could eat them, drink them and even fill my make up bag with them. The possibilities were endless.
I returned home excited by this new found adaptability, I was Alice and this was my wonderland! Then it dawned on me that the rose is the most given of her floral colleagues,the romantic gesture of the flowers and chocolates, so why not combine the two.
The love affair with roses goes on...
Eat, drink and immerse yourself in the rose and endeavour to enjoy the rosy life through the seasons.
Shared Passions
Shared Passions ...
My search for a grower of English Roses led me to a woman equally passionate about my favourite flower.
Set in the beautiful Devon countryside, Jan of Maddocks Farm Organics, grows fabulous organic award winning edible flowers.
In her I found someone who shares my love, excitement and genuine joy. This makes working with her one of the best things about what I do.
Rose growers
Jan & that's me, Priya
Paul A. Young
Learning from the Master...
I knew what I wanted to achieve but did not know how. My magic moment came when I was given a wonderful book, 'Adventures with Chocolate' by Paul A. Young. Just looking at the sumptuous pictures of his chocolate creations, had me in a spell.
I learned so much from Paul on a course he gave at his
'chocolate school' in Camden Passage, London.
Completely inspired by Paul's teachings I threw myself into my own journey of chocolate discovery...
I've a feeling that this journey may not have an end!

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